Firdaus Ilyas

Senior Expert

Firdaus Ilyas is our senior researcher and expert in state finance monitoring and the governance natural resources and energy.
He has counducted a lot of studies including Fairness Study of Indonesian Hajj Costs, Evaluation of Indonesian Oil and Gas Production Sharing Contracts, Study of Energy (BBM, LPG and Electricity) subsidies in Indonesia and Potential State Losses in Tin, Nickel and Coal Exports. Interested in supervision and fraud detection as well as economic and financial analysis.


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Managing Partner

Regional Leader for Germany
Zool Inc Corp (2017 – 2018 )

Member of the Global Management
Firm-wide leader for Service Lines (2016 )


Expertise in Team management, Performance Improvement, Transformation, Transformation Catalyst.

Firm-wide Leader for SAP business

Partner, KPMG Consulting
Dusseldorf, Germany (2002 )

Senior Consultant
Dusseldorf, Germany (1996)

Consultant, biw AG

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