Lody F Paat

Senior Expert

Lody F Paat is our senior expert in the field of education. He was a lecturer at Special Education Study Program, Faculty of Education, Jakarta State University (1985-2014). Lodi Paat has been involved in teacher assistance and anti-corruption education activities organized by Indonesia Corruption Watch since 2003.


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Managing Partner

Regional Leader for Germany
Zool Inc Corp (2017 – 2018 )

Member of the Global Management
Firm-wide leader for Service Lines (2016 )


Expertise in Team management, Performance Improvement, Transformation, Transformation Catalyst.

Firm-wide Leader for SAP business

Partner, KPMG Consulting
Dusseldorf, Germany (2002 )

Senior Consultant
Dusseldorf, Germany (1996)

Consultant, biw AG

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