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Buat sobat Manajemen BUMN, BUMD dan Swasta di Jawa Barat, hayuk daftar untuk ikut Diskusi Hukum Jumat 10 Desember 2021 di Hotel Savoy Homann Bandung! Diskusi akan mengundang Prof Hikmahanto Juwana (Guru Besar UI) dan Asep Mulyaana (Kajati Jawa Barat)

Terima kasih @askrindo atas kepercayaannya kepada @IntegritasVisi untuk memberikan Training Anti Fraud Investigasi Forensik Batch 1 dan 2, 22-25 Desember 2021. Kegiatan 57 karyawan Asrkrindo dari berbagai daerah di Indonesia

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Our Services

Training and Consultation

Gratification Control Unit (UPG) •  Procurement System • Risk of Corruption and Fraud Prevention • Anti-Corruption Workshop for Business • Anti-Corruption Workshop for Public Sector • Anti-Corruption for Members of Parliament • other …

Research - Investigation

Public Services and Policy Research • Public Services Satisfaction Survey • Corruption Perception Research • Public Policy Legal Opinion • Fraud  Investigation for Corporation • Business Profiling

Media for Integrity

Anti-Corruption Digital Learning • Media for Transparency, Accontability, and Public Engagement • Digital Media Campaign for Anti-Corruption • Best Practices • Profiles for Integrity and Inspirational Actors • Anti-Corruption Writing Skill

About Us

Visi Integritas was established by Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) and professionals who are experienced and skilled in the field of anti-corruption and institutional governance.

We are supported by academics, researchers, media specialists, and other professionals that have expertise in law, government, investigation, training, and media.

Visi Integritas stands to support business and public sector in upholding transparency, accountability, integrity, and anti-corruption culture.

Valued Services

We provide consultancy, training, research, dan other services to help business, government and non-goverment organization in enhancing good governance, integrity and anti-corruption culture

Our Vision

Growing with Trust and Integrity

Our Mission

Visi Integritas supports business, government and non-government organizations in developing integrity and anti-corruption culture.

Basic Values

Smart, excellence, dedication, trust, and integrity

Our Team


Ade Irawan

Ade is the former coordinator of Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW). He has 15+ years of experience in investigation, monitoring, research and training in the field of governance and anti-corruption.

Deputy Director

Emerson Yuntho

Emerson is our senior legal expert. With 15+ years of experience in anti-corruption, law, justice, and research and investigation.

Senior Experts

<b> Danang Widoyoko </b>

Danang Widoyoko

Danang leads our investigation and research team. With 15+ years experience.
<b>Sely Martini</b>

Sely Martini

Sely is our monitoring and evaluation expert. With 10+ years of experience.
<b> Bambang Wisudo </b>

Bambang Wisudo

Bambang Wisudo leads our media and education team. With 20+ years of experience.
<b> Firdaus Ilyas </b>

Firdaus Ilyas

Firdaus is our specialist in field of state finance and energy monitoring. With 15+ years of experience.
<b> Jimmy Ph Paat </b>

Jimmy Ph Paat

Jimmy is our education specialist. With 20+ years of experience.

Our Associates

Our Client

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